Grunwick - The Worker's Story, by Jack Dromey & Graham Taylor

Grunwick - The Worker's Story, by Jack Dromey & Graham Taylor
Book published by Lawrence & Wishart in 2016, 212 pages. Paperback (N7351)
Brand New Book
From the rear side cover: It changed the way the unions thought about race, about their own core values, and about the best way to organise among the new immigrant communities coming to Britain in the 1970s. Moreover, it changed the way unions thought about the law, and raised big questions about their will to win.

In the beginning, Grunwick wasn’t a strike about wages - it was about something much more important than that. It was about dignity at work. And, for the small band of Asian women strikers, who braved sun, rain and snow month-in and month-out on the picket-lines, from August 1976 to July 1978, rights in the workplace and pride at work, were far more important than any amount of money.

At the time, this book was the seminal account of the dispute, providing the workers’ own story in their own words and told by two of the leading participants in the strike. Now, forty years later, its themes still resonate, making this book vital reading for all of those who seek to organise within their own communities and workplaces.