Grantham in the News

Grantham in the News

Grantham in the News

Published by The Grantham Journal in 2007, 142 pages. Paperback (N3495)

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This fascinating book tells the story of Grantham in the Fifties, Sixties and half of the Seventies.......

Stories and experiences of local people and places are brought back to life through articles printed in the Grantham Journal during the third quarter of the twentieth century, an era that began with hope at the end of the war and finished with industrial strife.

Readers with Grantham connections may well remember many of the people and incidents in the book, but for others it is a social history of any English town during this 25-year period.

The series Grantham in the News was conceived in the archives of the Grantham Journal, where author John Pinckbeck would spend many of his lunch hours, poring over old newspapers to retrieve long-forgotten stories, and he unearthed lots of fascinating stories.

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