Glasgow Trolleybuses, by Brian Deans with Stuart Little

Glasgow Trolleybuses, by Brian Deans with Stuart Little
Book published by Trolleybooks in 2020, 222 pages. Large Hardback - c.21.5cm by 30cm (N7419)

Brand New Book

This book is a huge and fascinating history of Glasgow's trolleybuses, and details the companies, vehicles and individuals that played a part in the development and operation of the Scottish city's trolleybus system. The book is packed with colour and black and white photographs, as well as lots of other illustrations, drawings, maps and diagrams.

A highly detailed and complete account of Glasgow's colourful trolleybuses, the last new system to be built in the UK (so far!) Published to commemorate the 70 years since their introduction in 1949, this city-wide system welcomed trolleybuses into a huge municipal undertaking of trams and buses at a time when road public transport was vital to urban life. Innovative and confident, the Corporation was to introduce 35 foot single deck trolleybuses that were at the forefront of industry standards. But competition from cars and changed priorities saw decline before full potential could be realised, in an era that didn't understand the impact of fossil fuels...