German Military Vehicles in the Spanish Civil War, by Jose Maria Mata, Lucas Molina & Jose Manrique

German Military Vehicles in the Spanish Civil War, by Jose Maria Mata, Lucas Molina & Jose Manrique

Book published by Frontline in 2020, 232 pages. Hardback with Dust Jacket (N8203)

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From the front inside fly leaf: War broke out in Spain in 1936, when right wing forces, eventually led by General Franco, revolted against the elected, left-leaning government of the Second Spanish Republic. Hitler offered support to Franco’s Nationalists within days of the opening of hostilities, sending in powerful air and armoured units. Regarded as the ‘dress rehearsal’ for the Second World War, the Spanish Civil War enabled the Germans to test their new machines in combat conditions. Of particular note was the formation of the Condor Legion, composed of German air and ground troops.

This book provides readers with a comprehensive study of the combat and logistics vehicles which formed part of the German contingent that fought in the Spanish Civil War alongside the rebels. The Panzer I, which so surprised the world in the Polish campaign and initially equipped the German Panzerdivisionen, was first seen in the Spanish Civil War, together with a wide range of specialised war materiel such as flamethrowers. The Germans also tested small numbers of 88 mm Flak 18 anti-aircraft artillery guns which they used to destroy Republican tanks and fortifications with direct fire, as well as enemy aircraft in their designed role.

This book looks at the wide range of vehicles used by the Germans to support their war effort in Spain, from the humblest motorcycle to the Horch staff car, or from Opel Blitz, MAN Diesel, Mercedes, and Krupp trucks to the large Vomag 3LR 443. Even the different types of military ambulances seen in Spain during the war years are explored.

Never has such a comprehensive and graphical study been made of vehicles used by the German forces in the Spanish Civil War. It draws on a large collection of high-quality images, most of them previously unpublished, with each model that served in Spain identified.