German Jets Versus the U.S. Army Air Force

German Jets Versus the U.S. Army Air Force

German Jets Versus the U.S. Army Air Force, by William N. Hess

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This book is a fascinating study of the Luftwaffe’s revolutionary jet fighter, the Me 262, and it examines why the aircraft did not turn the tide of war, and how the US Air Force set about meeting its challenge.......
Many aviation experts argue that had the Me 262, the Luftwaffe’s revolutionary jet propelled fighter aircraft, become operational in sufficient numbers earlier in the Second World War, the whole outcome of the conflict might have been different. In this well illustrated study of the subject, American air historian William Hess considers these claims, testing ‘What If’ history against what actually happened.
Hess shows that there were plenty of the fighters made - but bringing them into operation was hampered by Allied bombing of aircraft factories and engine plants, fuel shortages, political interference - not least by Hitler himself - and a lack of trained veteran pilots. When the aircraft did get airborne, however, they proved a formidable foe, easily outpacing and outgunning their opponents. However, the US Air Force rose to the challenge, especially when they discovered that the new enemy aircraft had one vital defect in dogfights
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