Fuehrer Conferences on Naval Affairs 1939-1945

Fuehrer Conferences on Naval Affairs 1939-1945

Fuehrer Conferences on Naval Affairs 1939-1945

Published by Chatham in 2005, 496 pages. Paperback (N3308)

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As the Allies made their inexorable last assault upon Germany in 1945, Adolf Hitler, the supreme commander-in-chief of all German armed forces, ordered that every official military document should be destroyed. Admiral Karl Donitz, then supreme commander-in-chief of the Navy, felt differently. The Navy, he believed, had waged an honourable war, and posterity would prove the fairest judge. Accordingly, the records fell into Allied hands.....

Were it not for Donitz's singular decision, this remarkable book would not exist. This book is the faithful, first-hand account of Hitler's meetings with his Navy commander-in-chiefs - Grand Admiral Dr Erich Raeder until January 1943, then Admiral Donitz - and a handful of other high-ranking officers. Such was the nature of these meetings that even secretaries were excluded, and both Raeder and Donitz personally checked the typescripts of the meeting-notes before approving them. The conferences concerned either subjects upon which Hitler requested information or topics that the commanders-in-chief wanted to bring to the Fuehrer's attention.

This is, therefore, an authentic and intimate account of the views of Axis high command upon naval strategy and its execution throughout the Second World War, covering such key events as the invasion of Norway, the plans to invade Britain, the sinking of the Bismarck, and the Normandy landings. Indeed, Hitler's comments and decisions are noted throughout!

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