From Primrose Hill to Euston Road

From Primrose Hill to Euston Road

From Primrose Hill to Euston Road, subtitled 'A survey of Streets, Buildings and Former residents in a part of Camden'

Published by the Camden History Society in 1995, 96 pages. Rectangular paperback - c.20cm by 14cm (N6447X1)

From the introduction: To use this book you do not need to climb Primrose Hill: it is, like other books in the 'Streets of' series of the Camden History Society, a street survey. Our area extends from the foot of Primrose Hill north-eastwards to Chalk Farm station, then on a broad front roughly southwards to Euston Road. It is, however, very pleasant to walk up the Hill to its lookout point and note some features of the area we survey: glimpses through the trees of the great Nash terraces lining the eastern side of Regent's Park (the Zoological Gardens and the western side being in Westminster), the Regent's Canal at your feet, a Birmingham train heard or sensed behind you as it burrows beneath the Hill, the tall office buildings on the Euston Road; and throughout, the usual London mixture of trees, green spaces, trim residences and hectic commercial activity, the latter exemplified by the 33-storey Euston Tower and its 20-storey neighbour, towering over the few neighbouring Victorian 3-storey houses, likewise dwarfed by the post-war high-rise fiats. We describe the streets - and what we can deduce of their history from directories, insurance maps, poverty maps, picture postcards and other documentary sources - in eight itineraries, each of which starts at or near a Tube station or bus stop.

We attempt to point out anything interesting that was visible to the naked eye in 1994, adding where we can what preceded the building or feature you are looking at. Sometimes a piece of history can be gleaned, or at least suspected, just by looking at the building itself, and we have hinted at this kind of information in the text. With book in hand you may well develop sharper eyes than ours; if you do see anything worthy of note that we have not pointed out please write to the Camden History Society - or, better still, pen a note for its Newsletter. Good hunting!
Contents in the book include:

1834 map of the area
Historical Background
The Crown Estate
Camden's Nash Terraces
Nash's service area and the Park Villages
East of the Crown Estate
East of the Railway - The effect of two major early 19th-century transport developments on the area
Chalk Farm Tube station to Parkway
Camden Town station to Mornington Place
Between the Railway and Primrose Hill
Chalk Farm station via Regent's Park Road to Chalcot Square
Old Tavern Gardens to Princess Road
The 'York and Albany' to Primrose Hill

The condition of the book is generally excellent. The covers are clean and bright, the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. There is a small price sticker on the rear side cover.
Condition New