Free French Saboteurs, by Franck Lambert

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Free French Saboteurs, by Franck Lambert

Free French Saboteurs, by Franck Lambert

Published by Histoire & Collections in 2015, 216 pages. Softback - 21cm by 24.5cm (N6752)

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From the rear side cover: In this book , the author unveils the outstanding adventures of several saboteurs, be they famous or unknown, selected among the 155 parachutists dispatched by Fighting France in order to train the homeland resistance and undertake sabotage operations in preparation for the Landings. They also had to hamper the output of French factories working for Germany. When the time came, these saboteurs then led the maquis fighters into harassment tactics against retreating German troops. Trained by the secret services in British schools and sent to France on a moonlit night, they left their mark on history, sometimes bringing with them much awaited weapons and, more importantly, hope of imminent freedom. Targets of choice for the occupier, they paid a heavy toll for their contribution to the liberation of France

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