Foden Special Vehicles, by Wobbe Reitsma

Foden Special Vehicles, by Wobbe Reitsma
Published by Roundoak in 2012, 232 pages. Rectangular Hardback with Dust Jacket - 21.5cm by 28cm (N7895)

Brand New Book

From the inside front fly leaf: Foden has always tried to find a solution for special transport problems, in many cases in co-operation with their customers and equipment manufacturers. This book deals specifically with the vehicles that were designed and built by the company for special purposes including military applications, round timber haulage, quarrying and the civil engineering & construction industries, aircraft refuelling, the twin-load concept, road gritting and snow clearance, specialised internal transport, abnormal load and heavy haulage applications.

The author has spent over a decade researching the subject and his informative and revealing text coupled to over 400 captioned illustrations reveals the diverse range of specialist vehicles built by Foden over the years. In addition to the main subject matter the book also contains chapters on cab recognition, vehicle designations and engines used in Foden vehicles.