Focke Wulf FW 200 Condor, by Jerry Scutts

Focke Wulf FW 200 Condor, by Jerry Scutts
Focke Wulf FW 200 Condor, by Jerry Scutts

Booklet published by Warpaint Books as No.13 in the Warpaint Series, 24 pages. A4 size booklet, including loose leaf four page fold out detailing aircraft schematics (N5843)

Brand New Booklet

This booklet is a fascinating and detailed history of the Focke Wulf Fw 200 Condor, developed by the German Luftwaffe as a Long Range reconnaissance and anti-shipping maritime patrol aircraft. It was also used as a transport.

From the first page: Among the numerous war deployments foisted on the Luftwaffe for which scant lit­tle attention had been paid before the con­flict started, was that of maritime reconnais­sance and shipping attack. When the Kreigsmarine (the German Navy), alarmed at the prospect of the enormous task it might face in blockading Britain, demanded aircraft capable of rang­ing far out into the Atlantic, Admiral Donitz found the situation far from satisfactory. There were virtually no aircraft that could support his U-boat fleet...

The book is illustrated throughout with lots of black and white photographs, as well as 4 pages of colour drawings showing individual profiles of aircraft with different designs and camoflauge. There is also a large fold out showing line drawing schematics of various aircraft. This supplement was included as loose leaf and not part of the booklet binding.
Condition New