Flying Bombs Over the Pennines, by Peter Smith

Flying Bombs Over the Pennines, by Peter Smith

Subtitled 'The story of the V-1 attack aimed at Manchester on December 24th 1944'

Published by Neil Richardson in 1988, 46 pages. A4 size booklet (N4893P1)

This booklet provides a fascinating account of the V-1 attack on Christmas Eve 1944 during the Second World War, and is illustrated throughout with lots of black and white photographs. Sections in the booklet include:

  • A Final Gesture at Oldham
  • A Reversal of Fortune
  • A Noisy Little Aircraft
  • Piggy Back
  • Stretched Defences
  • Doodlebugs
  • Not the Pendleton Fault
  • The Secret of Macclesfield
  • Stray Birds
  • Insidious Paper

Condition of the booklet is excellent. The cover is clean and tidy, the staple spine is intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. Their is an old price printed on the front cover and a small price sticker on the rear side

Condition New