Fighting Women, by Isabella Lorusso

Fighting Women, by Isabella Lorusso
Subtitled 'Interviews with veterans of the Spanish Civil War'
Published by Freedom Press in 2020, 188 pages. Paperback (N7825)

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This series of interviews with participants in the Spanish Civil War offers a unique insight into the two-front revolution that women were trying to achieve in the 1930s, putting their lives on the line to fight fascism while confronting men whose commitment to liberation too often stopped at their own front door. Undertaken from the late 1990s through to the 2010s, Isabella Lorusso’s work was sadly timely, taking place even as the last members of that generation who participated in the conflict passed away. An informal interviewer, she captures the humanity of these remarkable people in a way that other historic texts cannot - and often highlights the flaws and conflicted realities that bubbled under the surface of complex events.