Fight for the Fjords - The Battle for Norway 1940

Fight for the Fjords - The Battle for Norway 1940

Published by the University of Plymouth Press in 2012, 387 pages. Softback (N7990)

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From the rear side cover: The fierce naval battles fought in Norwegian waters during the spring of 1940 were recorded in classified documents that were once stamped 'restricted' under the Official Secrets Act. Fight for the Fjords contains both British and German accounts detailing these famous sea battles. The German account was completed by the official historian within three years of the end of World War II; the British report was compiled from previously unavailable Royal Navy records.The combination of these two summaries forms a unique history. Fight for the Fjords features two original Battle Summaries, one written by the Royal Navy and the other by the German naval historian, ex-Vice Admiral Kurt Assmann.

The foreword is by Admiral Lord Alan West, a former First Sea Lord and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Home Office. The introduction expertly details the battle, much of which does not appear in accounts written immediately after World War II. The original battle summaries are reproduced in full and include:

The Expedition to Narvik - Phase I and Phase II, 1940
First Enemy Contact the loss of HMS Glowworm, April 1940
The German Invasion of Norway - the advance and landing, April 1940