Ferries of the Upper Thames, by Joan Tucker

Ferries of the Upper Thames, by Joan Tucker
 Ferries of the Upper Thames, by Joan Tucker

Book published by Amberley in 2012, 222 pages. Paperback (N5103)

Brand New Book

From the rear side cover: "In Sweet Thames Run Softly Robert Gibbings describes how in 1939 he saw a window of Blackwell’s Bookshop in Broad Street, Oxford full of books on the Thames. He was daunted by this as he was just engaged in writing and illustrating his own lovely book. There were histories of the river, and of the villages beside it. Bridges spanning the river were the subject of several books, also the natural history of it, besides how to fish and row. But there were no books on crossing the Thames by ford and ferry before the advent of bridges. Gibbings himself does not mention them, nor have any been written since."

Joan Tucker's history of the Thames ferries starts at the source in Gloucestershire and follows the river down past Oxford and Windsor to complete the journey. The richness of the documentary history from old deeds and Acts is paralled by the stories and accounts of earlier travels. All the sites have been visited and are described as they survive.
Chapters include:

  • Crossing the upper reaches
  • Running the River part 1 - The Thames Navigation Commission
  • Running the River part 2 - the Thames Conspiracy
  • Following the River (towpaths)
  • Ferries between Lechlade and Newbridge
  • Ferries between Newbridge and Oxford
  • Oxford
  • Ferries beyong Oxford to Culham
  • Clifton Hampden to Wallingford
  • Wallingford to Gatehampton
  • Whitchurch to Sonning
  • Wargrave to Marlow
  • Marlow to Maidenhead 
Condition New