Ferranti - An Oral History

Ferranti - An Oral History

Ferranti - An Oral History

Booklet published by Oldham Arts & Heritage in 1997, 62 pages. Large softback - c.21cm by 26cm (N5378)

From the introduction: Oldham played host to many large industrial firms. Ferranti was one of the largest. When engineers hear the name Ferranti they think of the great developments made in electrical transmission and lighting. The firm was born with the development of electricity at the turn of the last century, evolved with the growth of the textile industry; was instrumental in developing valve technology and spearheaded the post war boom in electrical goods. To most of us the name is familiar from the Ferranti brand clocks, radios and televisions which were popular throughout the middle decades of the century. To the general public Ferranti is the typical twentieth century engineering firm.

To many people who live in the Greater Manchester area, particularly those in Oldham, the name means much more. Ferranti was more than just clocks and radios or technological developments. To employees it was a livelihood and a family, it meant recreation and education as well as work. Some remember their time at Ferranti with fondness, others are less complimentary about the firm, but almost all have vivid recollections of their jobs and colleagues.

This book is the result of an oral history project undertaken by a team of recorders coordinated by Oldham Museum. It is not a formal and authorised history of the firm but a record of the careers of a broad range of workers from the shop floor to the board room.

The aim of the project was to record what it was like to work in a large centralised manufacturing firm of the post-war period, characterised by long service, good career opportunities and relatively stable markets. The experience of the post-war period has been put into an historical context as far as the firm is concerned by recording the experiences of people who worked before 1939 and those who were present when the business was wound up.....

Chapters include: The Family, Departments & Products, Occupations, Training & Apprenticeship, Transfers & Redundancy, Job Satisfaction & The Union, Women at Ferranti, The Ferranti Community, Last Days, and How the project was organised

Condition of the book is generally excellent. The covers are clean and bright, with very minimal wear along the edges and corners, the spine is tight and intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. There is a small price sticker on the rear side cover.

Condition New