Essex Education Committee, Report of a Sub Committee on Selection of Children (November 1944)

Essex Education Committee, Report of a Sub Committee on Selection of Children (November 1944)
Full title: "Report of a Sub Committee on The Selection of Children for Secondary Education'

Booklet published by the Essex Education Committee in November 1944. 40 pages. Booklet - c.15cm by 24cm (S8295WSO)

Contents in the booklet include:
Method of procedure. 
Special difficulties. 
The General Admission Examination. 
Share of parents and School Heads. 
Conduct of the Examination. The' recommended' candidates. The pool candidates. Allocation of pupils to particular Secondary Schools. 
The supplementary examination. 
The selection of children at 13 years of age. 
Other channels of admission. 
Fallibility of all systems of selection. 
The exclusion of suitable candidates. Causes independent of the examination system. Share of the examination system in such exclusion not extensive. Effect of nervousness and excitement. 
The inclusion of unsuitable candidates. Discrepancies in the evidence about its extent. 
Function of secondary schools. Need to maintain academic standards of secondary school. 
Characteristics of unsuitable pupils. 
Reasons for their presence (i) bad home conditions; (ii) intensive preparation ; (iii] other reasons. 
Alternatives to General Admission Examination; (i) Intelligence tests; (ii) Contributory school records and reports. Problem of standardization. 
Form of records and reports. 
Estimate of importance and utility of school records. 
General attitude of head teachers to present system. Age at which examination should be taken. Form of the papers. The' Pool' Examination. 
Evidence of statistics. Age allowance; relation of position in entry list to School Certificate result. 
Comment of a witness. 
Premature withdrawals. Number. Causes. Problem of prevention. 
The multilateral school. Difficulties which it would counteract. Advantages which it might confer. The modern school and the multilateral principle. 
Conclusions and. recommendations. 

The condition of the pamphlet is very poor, but is ok as a reading copy or reference for study. The cover has several scuffs and blemishes, and creases, nibbling, wear and discoloration along the edges and corners, but the staple spine is intact and all pages are intact and bound. There is creasing and yellowing to the inside pages, and a name in pen along the top of the front cover.