Escape from Italy 1943-45, by Malcolm Tudor

Escape from Italy 1943-45, by Malcolm Tudor

Escape from Italy, 1943-45 - Allied Escapers and Helpers in Fascist Italy, by Malcolm Tudor

Book published by Emilia Publishing in 2003, 113 pages. Paperback (N4199P1)

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This book provides a fascinating account of Allied escapes in italy during the Second World War, and the help they were given by partisans and anti-fascist helpers. The book includes details of the Italian armistice in 1943 and the effect this had on the situation on the ground, escapes to Switzerland through German lines, brave Italians who risked certain death helping escapers, POW trains to Germany, rescue missions, escape lines set up by the italian Resistance, escaper partisans, South African POWs, the Rome escape organisation, and much more!

From the rear side cover: Two in every three escapers and evaders who returned to active service with the British and Commonwealth armed forces before the end of the Second World War came from Italy. This book... shows the crucial role played by ordinary Italian men and women in sheltering and helping the fugitives under the noses of the Fascists and Germans. Resistance fighters also set up escape routes and passed the servicemen from one safe house to another until the final dangerous crossing to Switzerland or through the enemy lines.

In liason with the partisans, British and American agents undertook dangerous search and rescue operations, and many of these cover actions are also described here in gripping detail.

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