English Philanthropy, 1660-1960, by David Owen

English Philanthropy, 1660-1960, by David Owen
Published by Harvard University Press and the Oxford University Press in 1965, 610 pages. Hardback with Dust Jacket (S8295H)

From the front inside fly leaf: In the course of three centuries the tradition of contributing money and time for public purposes, inherited from the Tudor-Stuart age, became deeply ingrained in the English way of life. 

This is a study of the efforts of Englishmen over the years to create, endow, and support a multitude of  charitable societies and agencies for the mitigation of poverty, disease, infirmity, and ignorance. During most of the period, private charity was assumed to be the normal way of relieving suffering, educating the young, and dealing with social malaise. The state acted only in extreme cases where there was no alternative. This division of res­ponsibility, the author shows, had important consequences for the English community. Voluntary effort, whatever its accomplishments, could not cope effectively with the enormous problems of an urban ­industrial society and, ultimately, the greater resources of the state, using private charity as a model, were required. Both by its successes and its failures, philanthropy did a great deal to disclose the real dimensions of the social question. 

Mr. Owen, drawing on the records of charitable organizations which span three centuries, provides an authoritative and absorbing study of the startlingly large, and progres­sively evolving, role of private philanthropy in English life. 

Ex library book (from The University of Hull, Circulating Library). Has two labels and a card slip on the inside front cover, a numerical annotation in the top right hand corner of the first page, and small 'University of Hull' rectangular stamps on a couple of inside pages.

The condition of the book is generally good. The Dust Jacket is very worn and tatty, with several scuffs as well as considerable nibbling and tears along the edges and corners (including a large tear along the outside spine), Inside, the spine is tight and intact and all pages are clean, intact and tightly bound.