Encyclopedia of Modern U.S. Military Tactical Vehicles, by Carl Schulze

Encyclopedia of Modern U.S. Military Tactical Vehicles, by Carl Schulze
Published by Tankograd in 2007, 160 pages. Large Hardback with Dust Jacket - c.30cm by 21.5cm (N7035)

Brand New Book

From the rear side cover: In the past two decades the modern U.S. Army underwent an enormous and unprecedented transition from a Cold War doctrine towards counter-terrorism assymetrical warfare. Within this transition the vehicle pool of the U.S. Army changed constantly since the NATO mission of defending Central Europe in the late 1980s to the ongoing U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan 2007. This book grants a full overview over the U.S. tactical vehicle fleet in service during USAREUR days in Europe up to the present Operation Iraqi Freedom, providing a never before published comprehensive survey into the motor pool of the world’s leading superpower. Chapters include:

Light Tanks and Main Battle Tanks
Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Armored Personnel Carriers - Tracked
Armored Personnel Carriers - Wheeled
Amphibious Vehicles
Light Trucks
Medium Trucks
Heavy Trucks
Engineer Vehicles and Mine Protected Vehicles
Armored Recovery Vehicles, Cranes and Material Handling Equipment
Artillery and Air Defence
Special Forces and All-Terrain Vehicles
Miscellaneous Vehicles
Camouflage and Markings

The book
is illustrated throughout with a huge number of colour photographs showing the vehicles themselves.