Eating For Victory, by J.R.B. Branson

Eating For Victory, by J.R.B. Branson
Eating For Victory - Suggestions for War-time Economy in Food-stuffs, by J.R.B. Branson

Booklet published privately by the author in 1940, 20 pages. Booklet - c.14cm by 21cm (S8295BK)

The author was a retired solicitor who, in the late 1930's, wrote and published a booklet titled 'Grass for All', in which he extolled the virtues of eating grass. This booklet, published in the first year of the Second World War, was the author's sequel to that work, in which he set about explaining how (among other things) grass could become a crucial ingredient during the wartime economy.....

From the first page: In the late Spring of last year, by favour of the B.B.C., I Broadcasted in the In Town Tonight Series the results of an experiment I had been making in the use of Grass-mowings as an article of diet; having in mind chiefly the Refugees on the Continent, and in far China, who owing to the cruelties of War, and the outrageousness of Dictators, were wandering bereft of their homes, and lacking their normal facilities for the support of life. In amplification of my theme, which it was impossible to present adequately in two and a half minutes, I published a Pamphlet entitled Grass for All. This year, alas l, War has drawn us also, as unwilling victims into its cruel vortex. All and sundry are "Digging for Victory." The Government have felt con­strained to ration those articles of food which are normally most sought after in our Islands: and are exhorting the Nation to show their patriotism by consuming as far as ever possible home-grown produce. This with the double objective of both relieving the Navy and Mercantile Marine as far as possible of the burdensome and risky task of importing Food -stuffs: and at the same time of reliev­ing the Exchequer of the burden of financing imported purchases.

Having since last Spring carried my experiments into other fields of research besides Grass, and having succeeded in my own case in eliminating the need for practically all Rationed Foods, I am venturing in this Pamphlet to set before all on The Home Front, the success which I have achieved. Not only has my experiment maintained me in perfect health, it has actually largely enhanced my activity, my vitality, my enthusiasm for living, and my vigour. In fact it has gone far further, and at the age of " sixty-seven-off" has brought about a surprising rejuvenation, accompanied with astonishing powers of endurance.

The condition of the booklet is poor, but is perfect as a reading copy or reference for study. The covers have several scuffs, blemishes and creases, and discoloration and staining on the rear side. Their is rusting around the staples (which extends to the inside pages around the binding), and further yellowing to the inside pages throughout. The middle leaves (pages 9, 10, 11 and 12) have become completely detached from the staple binding and are now loose.
Condition New