Dunkirk 1940 'Whereabouts Unknown', by Tim Lynch

Dunkirk 1940 'Whereabouts Unknown', by Tim Lynch
Dunkirk 1940 'Whereabouts Unknown', by Tim Lynch, subtitled 'How untrained troops of the Labour divisions were sacrificed to save an army'

Book published by Spellmount in 2010, 224 pages. Hardback with Dust Jacket (N4583)

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From the inside front fly leaf: They called it 'the slaughter of the innocents'. The barely trained and poorly  equipped men of the Labour Divisions were never meant to fight, but when the  German blitzkreig sliced through the Allied armies in 1940, they were all that  stood in the way of the annihilation of the British Expeditionary Force. While  the Allied generals bickered amongst themselves, all command and control lost,  their men died to buy precious time as the main army fell back towards Dunkirk.  Long after the last of the rescue ships reached home, the men of the Labour  Divisions fought on.

That summer saw a thousand small acts of heroism, from the  officer with multiple wounds who refused to leave his command, to the lone  infantryman who held off a German panzer with a single anti-tank gun; refusing  to surrender, he died at his post, alone. Based on original research, official  reports, diaries and personal accounts, Dunkirk 1940 reveals the crucial and  largely forgotten heroism of the amateur soldiers, in particular those of 137th  Infantry Brigade, during the chaos and terror of the fall of France.

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