Drink and Drinking 1558-1660, by Stuart Peachey

Drink and Drinking 1558-1660, by Stuart Peachey

Subtitled 'A Tipplers guide to recreating the drink and drinking habits of Elizabethan and early Stuart England'

Book published by Stuart Press in 2023, 192 pages. Paperback - c.17cm by 24cm (N8421)

Brand New Book

From the rear side cover: The objective of this book is to enable the reader to drink like a member of the English Elizabethan or early Stuart world. This involves not only making or obtaining and then imbibing the correct fluids but doing so from the correct receptacles in the correct social situation.

The work is based on the study of many thousands of original documents, including account books, diaries, recipe books and 20,000 probate inventories and wills. Over 25,000 English woodcuts and paintings were evaluated. The data was then used in over 40 years of experimentation.

The book covers all social classes and a wide range of drinks from basic ales, beers, ciders, perrys, meads and wines through to complex flavoured concoctions such as buttered beer, hippocrasses and possets. Essential reading for those trying to imbibe or interpret period liquid refreshments!