Dornier Do 217, by Jerry Scutts

Dornier Do 217, by Jerry Scutts
Dornier Do 217, by Jerry Scutts

Booklet published by Warpaint Books as No.24 in the Warpaint Series, 32 pages. A4 size booklet (N5842)

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This booklet is a fascinating and detailed history of the Dornier Do 217 aircraft, developed by the German Luftwaffe as a Heavy Bomber, but later used in a variety of roles, including night fighter, medium bomber and reconnaissance.

From the first page: As one of the primary manufacturers of twin-engined bombers for the Luftwaffe, the Dornier concern of freidrichshafen made its mark on the pre­war aviation world with its highly stream­lined Do 17. The 1935 vintage 'flying pencil' went on to give reliable early war service before the basic design was progressively developed into the Do 215 of 1938. That same year a further refinement emerged as the Do 217. This aircraft, despite extrapola­tion of the basic design into the Do 317 and 17, became the last Dornier bomber to see front line service with the Luftwaffe.

In common with numerous other aircraft, the Do 217 design was originally considered for dual roles; in this particular case howev­er the relatively unusual requirement for a maritime attack aircraft, the so-called 'sea Stuka', figured prominently in its early development. Convinced that the bombing accuracy achieved by the Ju 87 dive bomber could be duplicated in a larger aircraft, both the Kriegsmarine and the Technische Amt initially backed Dornier's proposal for a Do 217 floatplane. The requirement, put for­ward in January 1938, soon changed. By February the Do 217 had been turned down due to its anticipated high water landing speed and Dornier, although not entirely shelving the floatplane concept, turned its attention to developing the Do 217 as a land­plane to fulfill a bombing and reconnais­sance role...

The book is illustrated throughout with lots of black and white photographs, as well as 4 pages of colour drawings showing individual profiles of aircraft with different designs and camoflauge.
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