Doncaster's Electric Transport, by Peter Tuffrey

Doncaster's Electric Transport, by Peter Tuffrey
Doncaster's Electric Transport, by Peter Tuffrey

Book published by Amberley in 2010, 128 pages. Paperback (N4508)

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Doncaster had recently undergone its first major change from a small market town  into a centre of industrial importance when trams first appeared in 1902. This  change was due in no small part to the establishment of a large engine repair  works in the town in 1852-3 by the Great Northern Railway Company. Around 1898,  after having received a proposal from the British Electrical Company Ltd, the  town council decided that it should have its own electric transport system and  Doncaster's tram service was born.

This profusely illustrated book with its  factual captions and entertaining and informative text transports the reader  back in time to the establishment and subsequent growth of Doncaster's transport  system. It goes through the years of the First World War and beyond to a time  when competition from motorbuses and other unscheduled services posed a serious  threat to the now established tram routes, forcing the Corporation to make some  far-reaching decision about the future of transport in the town. This ultimately  led to the introduction of motorbuses and trolleybuses.

The book goes on to take  the reader up to the 1960s, by which time the trolleybus network had been  abandoned in favour of a more flexible motorised transport system, which was  better able to adapt to Doncaster's increasingly complex urban layout.

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