Despite the Elements - The History of Number 115 Squadron 1917-1982

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Despite the Elements - The History of Number 115 Squadron 1917-1982
By Flt. Lt. Dick Collins and Sqn. Ldr. Jim Halladay, with a foreword by Wing Commander M. Barnes

A5 size booklet, published by the authors in 1983. 36 pages, with a further 12 pages of black and white photographs in the middle of the booklet. (S8329WSO)

From the foreword: The history of No. 115 Squadron dates back to the days of the Royal Flying Corps. Squadron crews distinguished themselves in both World Wars, and many gave their lives in service with the Squadron. 

A number of printed handouts giving brief accounts of the Squadron's history has been produced over the years, but this small book is the first attempt to produce a definitive and informal record of 115 Squadron's story from its formation in 1917 to the present day. Much credit for its production lies with FIt. Lt. Dick Collins who produced the first draft, and with Sqn. Ldr. Jim Halladay who with infinite patience brought it to life in its final form. Tribute is also due to the many past Squadron members who provided photographs, documents and reminiscences for the research work and illustrations which appear throughout the book. 

The names that are mentioned in the book help to underline the drama and tragedy behind the stark statistics of official records, but it has been an invidious task for the authors to decide which names to include and which to leave out. There were many acts of gallantry and selflessness, and no doubt many more which will never be known. This history therefore is by way of a tribute to all those who have gone before, and a reminder to those who will serve in the future of the high traditions of the Royal Air Force in general and of No. 115 Squadron 
in particular.
Contents include:

The Early Days 
115 Reforms as the Clouds of War Gather Once More 
115 Goes to War Again 
The Bomber Offensive 
The Post War Years 
Into the Jet Age 
A New Precision Role 
The Argosy Arrives 

The condition of the booklet is generally good. The cover has some minor scuffs, with colour fading (probably from sunlight) along the edges on the front and rear side, but the staple spine is intact and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound.