Defending Torbay - The Berry Head Fortifications, by Edgar Lawrence

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Defending Torbay - The Berry Head Fortifications, by Edgar Lawrence

Published by the Brixham Museum in 2019, 43 pages. Paperback - c.18.5cm by 23cm (N8149)

This book provides a short history of the military fortifications that were built on Berry Head to protect the Royal Navy anchorage at Torbay. The contents of the book include:

Historical Background:
Henry VIII
Elizabeth I
American War of Independence:
Siting Gun Positions
Acquiring Land
Building Gun Positions and Occupation
Removal of Guns and Compensation
French Wars:
Reoccupying Gun Positions and Purchase
Design of Forts
Building of Forts
Occupation of Forts by Militia
Semaphore and Signals
Napoleonic Wars:
Arrival of Regular Soldiers
Building of the Hospital
End of Hostilities
Napoleon off Berry Head
Sale of Berry Head:
Purchase of Berry Head
Use by RNVR
20th Century:
Building of the Lighthouse
Use in World Wars
Air Traffic Control System
Sale to Torbay Council
Ordnance Decree Date: May 20th 1795
Napoleon's Rise and Fall
Some of the Regiments Stationed at Berry Head
Cannon at Berry Head

The condition of the book is generally very good. The covers are clean and bright, the spine is intact, and all pages are clean, tidy, unblemished and tightly bound.