Continuation War - The War Within a War, Airframe Extra No.6

Continuation War - The War Within a War, Airframe Extra No.6
Continuation War - The War Within a War, Airframe Extra No.6

Published by Valiant Wings in 201, 82 pages. A4 size softback (N6773X1)

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This Airframe special covers aerial operations by both Finnish and Russian Forces during the Continuation War between 25th June 1941 to 10th September 1944.

From the introduction: Following on from our coverage of The Spanish Civil War in Airframe Extra No.5, we turn to another conflict during WWII, the Continuation War between Finland and Soviet Russia. On the face of it the air element was a 'David and Goliath' situation, at times fought in harsh, extreme conditions. The Finnish Air Force faced overwhelming odds, with only an eclectic mix of types drawn from several nations to call on, many considered obsolete or abject combat failures. Yet in Finnish hands some of these types proved to be extremely effective. The Fokker D.XXI in Finland is reckoned to have one of the best attrition rates of WWII. While Finnish snipers gained a fearsome reputation on the ground, their pilots honed their combat skills and a fledgling aircraft industry found ways to modify and improve the types handed to them.

The air element of the Continuation War has been quite a favourite amongst scale modellers, probably helped by the variety of types to model, the amount of subjects available in kit form and the interesting colour schemes on offer. Our team has been working hard to bring this to you. Richard Caruana has stepped up again with a wealth of his excellent colour profiles, Libor Jekl and Steve Evans have graced these pages with seven superb kit builds and Patrick Branly again has provided the narrative to put it all into context.

If you've never considered building to a theme, the Continuation War may provide you with the inspiration to try. While you do so, you might want to consider what it may have been like for young men of either nation going into combat with the slim prospect of survival in extreme conditions if you were unlucky to be on the losing end of an aerial scrap. Remarkable, every one of them.

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