Clydeside Faces and Places, by Robert Jeffrey and Ian Watson

Clydeside Faces and Places, by Robert Jeffrey and Ian Watson

Subtitled 'The Herald Book of the Clyde Volume 3'

Published by Black and White in 2000, 166 pages. Hardback with Dust Jacket - c.22cm by 27.5cm (N6915X2)

From the inside front fly leaf: Clydeside is the third and final volume in The Herald Book of the Clyde series, and is another stunning collection of photographs from the picture archive of The Herald and its sister newspapers the Evening Times and Sunday Herald. Once the powerhouse of the British Empire, Clydeside was famous for its shipbuilding the world over, and had a well-deserved reputation for its high quality industry. But it was the people of Glasgow and Clydeside who made it all possible.

Capturing the faces and places of Glasgow and the Clyde over the last century and more, Clydeside is a memorable collection of intriguing, unexpected and inspiring images, and is a unique record of the people of Glasgow and the Clyde and the way we lived. This new volume has fascinating images of people going about their everyday lives, of the once familiar trams and ferries and ships, and unusual images like a working farm near Tollcross which survived into the 1930s. There are also dramatic photographs like the huge fire that destroyed St Andrew's Halls at Charing Cross, and the Glen Cinema in Paisley where seventy children died in one of Britain's forgotten tragedies on Hogmanay 1929.

Clydeside is an evocative journey into the collective memory of our past, and a unique chronicle of the lives of the people of Glasgow' and Clydeside....

Condition of the book is generally very good. The dust jacket has one or two very minor scuffs, and some light wear along the edges and corners, but the spine is intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.