Cheshire Bantams, by Stephen McGreal

Cheshire Bantams, by Stephen McGreal
Cheshire Bantams - 15th, 16th and 17th Battalions of the Cheshire Regiment, by Stephen McGreal 

Published by Pen & Sword in 2006, 257 pages. Paperback (N4243)

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Raised in Birkenhead in 1914 the Bantams were unique as the average height of the volunteers was a mere five foot! Previously denied the opportunity to serve, these men seized this chance to join up, and as a result of it's unique origins, the battalions comprised of working class men from all over Britain - Welsh miners, sturdy London dockers, Lancashire mill workers and Merseyside labourers.

As part of 35th (Bantam) Division, the Bantams fought on the Somme and went on to participate in some of the bloodiest fighting on the Western Front. Casualties were so severe that by early 1917 the Division had effectively ceased to exist, and thereafter reinforcements came from the General Pool. They suffered heavily again at the fighting around Houlthust Forest, and the 35th Division played a key part in stopping the German 1918 offensive. Some 900 members of these Battalions lost their lives in The Great War, and this book provides a fascinating and detailed history of these units of the British Army throughout that period

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