Chatham Built Submarines 1907 to 1968, by Frank R. Turner

Chatham Built Submarines 1907 to 1968, by Frank R. Turner

Chatham Built Submarines 1907 to 1968, by Frank R. Turner

Published privately by the author, 48 pages. A5 size booklet (N6002X2)

This small booklet provides a fascinating brief history of Royal Naval Submarines built at Chatham, and includes sections of C Class Submarines, D Class Submarines, E Class Submarines, F Class Submarines, G Class Submarines, R Type Submarines, the Experimental Cruiser Submarine, M Class Submarines, Parthian, Rainbow Class, T Class Submarines, U Class Submarines, Post War submarine constructions, A Class Submarines, and Nuclaear Submarine servicing.

From the introduction: The 27th July 1906 was to be a date not to be forgotten in the history of Chatham Dockyard. In the House of Commons that day, Mr Edmund Robertson, Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty, laid before the House the Admiralty's new shipbuilding programme that included eight submarines. He said, 'This year a new departure will be made in respect of submarines which. have hitherto been built by private contractor. This year the Admiralty are keeping some of them for their own dockyards and they will have to go to Chatham'.

Chatham Dockyard thus started a new era, that of building submarines, an era that was to last some sixty one years. In 1966 the Dockyard constructed a special complex and specialised in the servicing of nuclear powered submarines. Regular visitors were H.M. Submarines Churchill, Conqueror, Courageous, Dreadnought, Resolution, Valiant and Warspite. This work continued up until the closure of the Dockyard in June 1984...

Condition of the booklet is generally very good. The cover is clean and tidy, the staple spine is intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. There is an old price printed and a small price sticker, both on the rear side cover.

Please note the booklet was published and printed privately, and so lacks the 'finish' of a more professtional publication - i.e the page leaves extend a little from the card covers - but none of this detracts from the fascinating contents!

Condition New