Charters of the Redvers Family and the Earldom of Devon 1090-1217, by Robert Bearman

Charters of the Redvers Family and the Earldom of Devon 1090-1217, by Robert Bearman
Published by The Devon and Cornwall Record Society in 1994, 227 pages. Paperback (N6254)

From the rear side cover: The Redvers earls of Devon were one of the leading magnate families of southern England in the twelfth and thirteenth centu­ries. Over 200 charters have survived relating to them, before 1217: fully edited for the first time in this volume. The charters record the family's history, its involvement in national politics, and its estates in Devon, Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. They also contain information about the religious houses, towns, economy and people of the region.

Dr Bearman's introduction surveys the history of the family with special attention to Richard de Redvers, the founder of its great­ness, and his son Baldwin earl of Devon who played a major part in the civil war between King Stephen and the Empress Matilda. The family's estates, residences, household and admin­istration are also discussed. This is followed by the charters, with a summary of each one in English, a full Latin text, and scholarly apparatus and notes. This book will be an indispensable tool for academic and local historians interested in the medieval history of southern England. There are three maps, a genealogical table, a glossary and a full index.

Condition of the book is generally good. The covers have one or two minor scuffs but are clean and tidy, the spine is intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. Please note the left and right hand edges of the book curve gently upwards from where it has been stored flat on the shelves, and some inside page corners have been bent over and have light creases.
Condition New