Castles of Ireland, by Mike Salter

Castles of Ireland, by Mike Salter
Book published by Folly Publications in 2014, 124 pages. Paperback (N5631)

Brand New Book

This book provides a fascinating account of the castles of Ireland, and is illustrated throughout with lots of small black and white (and some colour)photographs, as well as drawings, maps and floor plans.

From the rear side cover: This book describes the development of castles in Ireland from  the 1180's through to the 1640's. The story includes the mottes and first stone castles of the Anglo-Normans, the development  of the Tower house by both Anglo-Norman and native Irish families, and finally the fortified houses and bawns of the 16th and 17th century English and Scottish families settled in Ireland as part of plantation schemes. Chapters include:

Historical Introduction
Castles of Earth and Timber
Early Stone Castles with Rectangular Donjons
Castles with Circular and Polygonal Donjons
Early Castles of Enclosure
Corner Towered Donjons
Mid 13th Century Castles
Early Hall-Houses
Late 13th Century Castles
14th Century Castles
Later Hall-Houses
Later Greater Castles
Tower Houses: An Introduction
Tower Houses with Vertical Joints
Circular Tower Houses
Urban Tower Houses & Walled Towns
Tower Houses with Bawns
Tower Houses in Connacht
Tower Houses in Munster
Tower Houses in Leinster
Tower Houses in Ulster
Fortified Houses
Plantation Bawns and Houses in Ulster Glossary of Terms
Further Reading
Index of Castles 
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