Captain E. Raymond Hepper's Great War Diary 1916-1919, edited by F. Nigel Hepper

Captain E. Raymond Hepper's Great War Diary 1916-1919, edited by F. Nigel Hepper
Captain E. Raymond Hepper's Great War Diary 1916-1919, edited by F. Nigel Hepper, subtitled 'A battalion of the West Yorkshire Regiment on the Somme during the First World War'

Published by Hayloft in 2011, 186 pages. Hardback (N4493P1)

This book contains the First World War diary of Captain Raymond Hepper from Leeds, who served as a Captain of snipers and later as Brigade Intelligence Officer, and it offers a fascinating insight into not just this one officer's wartime experiences, but the history of the West Yorkshire Regiment during the conflict.

The diaries have been collated and edited by Captain Hepper's son, who has also included some maps, photographs and illustrations alongside his father's text.

From the rear side cover: One of the best things about this fascinating diary is that the acquired familiarity of the routine and 'normality' of life in the trenches with occasions of fearful, tragic, personal drama are so well-recorded by a perceptive and quite evidently likeable observer - an officer in the 17th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment. Captain Hepper fulfils all the responsibilities one might expect from billeting, artillery observation, sniping, Lewis Gun and intelligence before becoming a Brigade Intelligence Officer....

Unusually in such published works the diary continues beyond the Armistice to great advantage as Hepper's battalion marches into Germany for the Occupation but the essence of his experience is wonderfully expressed on the date he lost an especial friend: 'Those who read this diary, if any there be, will know how we lived together not only in France but throughout our training in England, have known our faults, likes and dislikes and have been true friends'. Chapters include:

  • Summary of the Diary of Captain E. Raymond Hepper
  • Diary entries 31 January 1916 to 27 May 1916
  • Maps, showing many of the places in the diary
  • Diary entries 28 May 1916 to 11 August 1917
  • Colour Photographs
  • Diary entries 12 August 1917 to 27 January 1919
  • Postscript: Private J Heasman's life and death
  • Chronology of the Great War
  • Index of Military Units mentioned in the Diary
  • Index of People and Places mentioned in the Diary

Condition of the book is generally excellent. The cover boards have one or two very minor scuffs but are clean and bright, the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. Their is a small price sticker on the rear side cover.

Condition New