Bristol's Earliest G-Types 1931-1957, by Peter Davey

Bristol's Earliest G-Types 1931-1957, by Peter Davey
Published privately by the author in 2020, 20 pages. Slim square(ish) booklet - c.17.5cm by 20cm (N7833)

From the inside front cover: I expect we all have our favourites, mine include those Lisbon wrong-sided half-cabs, Berlin's pig-nosed D/Decks of the 30's, the One-and-a-Half decks of N.W. Germany, those lovely looking (to me!) Stockholm Bussings and nearer home Bristol's G-types. This is not a technical detailed history of them, but observations as seen and watched just before WW2, with the three lives most of them lived.... Bristol Tramways started to build chassis seriously and the first one was given the number A101. Their use could be for anything, Single Decks, Double Decks and even a horse box! So they then decided to design a chassis for Double Deckers only, and it was to become their famous G-type.

The booklet is illustrated throughout with photographs (one, two or three on most pages), and it thus provides a fascinating (albeit very brief) insight into the history of the one of the authors favourite buses!

The condition of the booklet is generally excellent. The covers are clean and bright, the staple spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.