Bricks, Buildings and Transport, by Adrian Corder-Birch

Bricks, Buildings and Transport, by Adrian Corder-Birch

subtitled 'A history of Mark Gentry, the Hedingham red brick industry, buildings, road and rail transport'

Published by the authors in 2013, 192 pages. (N7387)

From the preface: This book is principally a history of Mark Gentry, a Stratford builder and contractor, who became a master brickmaker, owning two brickworks in Sible Hedingham. These were the Langthorne Brick Works at Wethersfield Road and the Highfields Brick Works near Purls Hill. He lived at Rookwoods and later at Grove House, both in Sible Hedingham. At Rookwoods he constructed a number of buildings, which are now listed and are excellent examples of ornamental brickwork.

As a builder and later a brickmaker, Mark Gentry built and supplied bricks for many large buildings in and around London, particularly at Stratford, East and West Ham. He built the Guildhall School of Music on the Victoria Embankment and supplied the bricks for Claridge's Hotel and many churches and schools. He even exported 'Hedingham reds' to Ireland, Egypt and Africa. The majority of bricks were transported by rail along the Colne Valley and Halstead Railway. He supported the proposed construction of the Central Essex and other Light Railways but they were never built.
Chapters include:

The Gentry family
Mark Gentry, his life and public positions
Properties owned and occupied by Mark Gentry
Mark Gentry, master builder, contractor and timber merchant
Mark Gentry, master brickmaker
The Langthome Brick Works, Sible Hedingham
The Highfield Brick Works, Sible Hedingham
Inventions and patents
Mark Gentry's employees
Houses and buildings constructed by Mark Gentry at Rookwoods, Hostage Farm and Wethersfield Road, Sible Hedingham and at Nunnery Street, Castle Hedingham
Buildings constructed with Mark Gentry's bricks
The Institute of Clayworkers and the Building Trades Exhibitions
H. Greville Montgomery, M.P., lP., Hon. A.R.I.B.A. (1863-1951)
The Alexandra Building Estate at Sible Hedingham
The proposed Central Essex, the Hedingham to Long Melford and other Light Railways
The Burrell Traction Engine and the 'Tin Pot'
Mark John Glover Gentry (1881-1918)
The Glover family
The Hilton family and Brick Works
The Sible Hedingham Red Brick Company Limited
Archaeological excavations on the site of the Langthome Brick Works
Five appendices, including:
Publications by H. Greville Montgomery and the Clayworker Press
A history of the trade exhibitions arranged by the Montgomery family and companies
The British Clayworker Mutual Insurance Corporation Limited
Early occupiers of houses in Alexandra Road, Sible Hedingham
Proposed light railways in north Essex

The condition of the book is generally very good. The covers are clean and bright, although there is some light bumping, creasing and wear along the edges and corners. The spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.