Brewed in Northants - A Directory of Northamptonshire Brewers, by Mike Brown

Brewed in Northants - A Directory of Northamptonshire Brewers, by Mike Brown

Brewed in Northants - A Directory of Northamptonshire Brewers (including the Soke of Peterborough), 1450 to 2010, by Mike Brown & Brian Willmott 

Published by the Brewery History Society in 2010, 226 pages. Large A4 size paperback (N4143P1)

This fascinating book provides a history of the brewers that have operated in the present county of Northamptonshire (and it includes the city of Peterborough and it's surrounding area - known as the 'Soke of Peterborough'), and the book includes a whole mine of information on local inns and taverns and the brewing industry in the area. 

One review of the book reads: This is a revised and much expanded edition of a popular study of brewing in the county. Additional research, especially on Northampton Brewing Company and the Phillips and Smith families, has changed some of the early story. Going through adverts in the local papers revealed details of many more pubs which brewed in the nineteenth century. The book focuses on commercial brewing, at the retail level of the pub and the common or wholesale firms, with some coverage of domestic brewing at the country houses.

The two major common brewers associated with the county town, Phipps and Northampton Brewing Company, amalgamated in the 1950s to form one of the largest businesses in the region. Having then disappeared into Watneys and being closed for the construction of the Carlsberg brewery, at least the brands have now been resurrected by PNBC. Although some sites have been lost since the first edition one at Weldon, surprisingly intact, has been added to the county’s list of industrial architecture. Luckily Ratliffe's Albion brewery is partially intact on Commercial Street and Frog Island is based in an old malting.

The growth of the microbreweries continues apace, with another one locating at Whittlebury in 2010, hence the revision of the dates in the title. Most people, if asked to associate an industry with the county, would no doubt respond with shoe-making. However, the county also has a proud history of brewing and malting. Hopefully, this second edition will continue to mark that history

The book is illustrated throughout with lots of black and white photographs and drawings,

Condition of the book is generally excellent. The cover is clean and tidy, the spine is intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. Their is a small price sticker on the rear side cover

Condition New