Bordon and Whitehill, by Basil Smith and Chris Wain

Bordon and Whitehill, by Basil Smith and Chris Wain

Bordon and Whitehill, by Basil Smith and Chris Wain

Published by Tempus, 128 pages. Paperback (N5294)

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From the rear side cover: Over 200 fascinating photographs and postcards are included in this excellent portrayal of Bordon and Whitehill. The surrounding area is rich in evidence of human activities during prehistoric times and pictured are some of the important sites and finds that have been discovered.

The military became a dominant presence in the area from the turn of the century. Initially we see scenes of the construction of two military camps - one in the north, at Bordon, and one in the south, at Longmoor. Later pictures show the development of a military railway, running between Bordon and Longmoor.

As the military presence grew so too did the civilian population. Accordingly schools, shops, businesses and places of entertainment opened up - among which we see Bordon Motor Garage and the Palace Cinema. We are treated to a lovely range of photographs showing the people of Bordon and Whitehill going about their daily lives both at work and leisure: from postal workers and a milkman to pageants and charabanc outings.

In addition to this many buildings of special interest are depicted, a few of which may be recognisable. Also included are maps, extracts from documents and old notices.

Well known local historians Basil Smith and Chris Wain have compiled a splendid selection of material, much of which is drawn from their own private collections, which will prove to be of great interest to both long-term residents and newcomers to the area.
Condition New