Birmingham: Bibliography of a City, edited by Carl Chinn

Birmingham: Bibliography of a City, edited by Carl Chinn
Birmingham: Bibliography of a City, edited by Carl Chinn

Published by the University of Birmingham Press in 2003, 329 pages. Paperback (S8295RWSO)

ISBN: 9781902459240

From the rear side cover: This bibliography is an important contribution to the democratisation of Birmingham's history. It brings together the knowledge and expertise of nineteen historians and other experts, each of whom gives an overview of a major topic and a list of essential sources or a guide to collections of source materials. Together they open up the city's past to researchers of all kinds.

Birmingham's history is no longer the preserve of academics: people of all backgrounds are now joining in a discourse with the past of both the .city and region's. This accessibility is shown in a number of ways: by the striking vigour of local history societies, by the large numbers of school pupils and college and university students who are engaging in projects on Birmingham's past, and by the rapid increase in the number of people who have spoken about, reflected on, or written about their lives and the lives of their families or neighbourhoods. These and more will benefit hugely from Birmingham: Bibliography of a City.

Comprehensive, thorough and making connections to all types of sources, this Bibliography will enable and stimulate research. As Birmingham's past becomes ever more accessible, we will all learn more about our history. The city and the region are enriched by an all-embracing local historical enquiry.

A proud Brummie, Carl Chinn MBE is Professor of Community History at the University of Birmingham and Director of the BirminghamLives multimedia project at South Birmingham College. The author of 21 books on the urban working class in England and on various aspects of Birmingham's history, he is a presenter on BBC WM and with BBC Midlands Today and he is a columnist for the Birmingham Evening Mail. The contributors are all experts on the history of Birmingham and its surrounding region: leading historians in their several fields, or the keepers of the most important collections and archives.

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