Between the Imperial Eagles - Swedens Armed Forces in the Napoleonic Wars

Between the Imperial Eagles - Swedens Armed Forces in the Napoleonic Wars
Between the Imperial Eagles - Swedens Armed Forces during the Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars 1780-1820.

Published in English by the Stockholm Army Museum in 2000. 495 pages. Hardback with illustrated cover boards. (S6890MWSO)

This book provides an immensley detailed history of the Swedish Army and Navy during the Napoleonic Wars, and is widely regarded as the definitive account of the subject.

Including several small colour and black and white photographs, the book goes into immense detail charting the events, people and battles of the period, and is an absoloute must have reference work for anyone interested in the role and history of Sweden and its military during this period.

From the rear side cover: When the din of fighting subsided in 1815 Scandanavia had lived through one of its most fateful periods ever. All the major powers - France, Russia and Britain, had been at warwith at least one of the two Scandanavian countries, which themselves had been at war with each other twice during the same period. The political map of the region had changed forever - major areas had been lost to Russia and Prussia, and Norway had changed its political alleigance.

This book describes these dramatic shifts as well as the equipment and organisation of the Swedish army and navy between 1780 and 1820.
Chapters include:
  • The Defence of Sweden in the Napoleonic era
  • Greatness eclipsed, Sweden 1780-1820
  • Swedish Army Organisation
  • Units of the Swedish Army 1788-1815
  • Arms, Equipment and Supply in the Swedish Army 1790-1814
  • Colours, Standards, Guidons and Uniforms
  • The beginnings of military science in Sweden
  • The Danish Armed Forces 1800-1814
  • The Norwegian Army at the beginning of the 19th century
  • Scania in the Shadow of war 1801-1815
  • Sweden in the Continental Wars
  • Sweden and the wars of 1808-1809
  • The Russian occupation of Gotland in 1808
  • Logistics, local resources and civilian society in the north of Seden during the Swedish-Russo war of 1808-1809
  • Napoleon loses a Marshal, but gains a King
  • The Soldier disturbances in Stockholm in 1810
  • The War with Normway in 1814 and the occupation of 1814-15
  • and more!
The condition of the book is generally is very good. The cover boards have one or two very minor scuffs, and a slight area of bumping along the bottom left hand edge of the front cover, but the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are intact and tightly bound. There is a name in pen on the blank first page, and some very small pen annotations on the contents page. All other pages are clean and unblemished. 
Condition New