Belfast Executions - A Full Record of those hanged within Belfast 1798-1961

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Belfast Executions - A Full Record of those hanged within Belfast 1798-1961
Belfast Executions - A Full Record of those hanged within Belfast 1798-1961, by Michael Liggett and Joe Baker, with illustrations by Monica Brown

A4 size paper booklet published by Glenravel in 1994, 55 pages. (S8156WSOU3)

This booklet records the details of the 17 people hanged in Belfast.

From the introduction: The subject of crime and society's pun­ishment of it is a fascinating subject. Many of the publications on the subject have been about countries other than our own. This publication deals with the executions which have taken place at Belfast and it is the first time a maga­zine has ever been produced dealing with this topic. All the records which are currently in the possession of the Public Records Office are unavailable for scrutiny by the general public and so the material for this issue had to be drawn from a selection of other reliable sources. It is for this reason that the publication has been adopted by the Belfast Secret History Series. The pub­lication lists for you, the 17 victims of the Belfast gallows in detail. Their court cases, and details of all the events which brought them before the hangman and eventually to a lonely grave within the prison are laid out in the following pages. We hope you enjoy this trip into Belfast's grim and ghastly past. Sections include:

The Development of Capital Punishment at Belfast
Belfast's Final Public Execution: The Peters' Hill Weavers Dispute
Private Patrick O'Neill. Belfast Gaol's 1st Execution
Daniel Ward and the Ballyleeson Murder
Capital Punishment
John Daly and the Belfast' Murder of Margaret Whitley
Woman's Brutal Murder Off Donegall Street
Robert Gilmore Meets The Executioner
H. M. P. Belfast
The Tramp Pedlar, and the Bushmills Murder
The Lepper Street Child Murderer
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Murder of a Six Year Old Girl on Slopes of Cave HilI
Belfast Robbery With Tragic Results
Three Lives For £30
Postman Lured To His Death
Double Murder in Co. Antrim
Execution Day; Friday 13th
Harold Courtney. "I Am Not Guilty!"
Six Young Belfastmen Sentenced To Death
The Trade Of Hangman
Did 'The Drink' Make Mc Laughlin Go Mad?
17th Man To Hang At Belfast

The condition of the booklet is generally poor, but is perfect as a reading copy or reference for study. The cover has several minor scuffs and creases, and nibbling and wear along the edges and corners. There is light rusting around the staples, but the binding remains intact and all pages are present and bound. There is further creasing to some inside pages, and some blemishing and discoloration in the extreme bottom right hand corner of the inside pages throughout
Condition New