Battle of Taranto, Judgement Day, Airframe Extra No.4

Battle of Taranto, Judgement Day, Airframe Extra No.4
Published by Valiant Wings in March 2015, 66 pages. A4 size softback (N7162)

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This fully illustrated booklet covers the battle of Taranto during the Second World War, when the Royal Navy launched the first all-aircraft ship-to-ship naval attack in history, employing 21 obsolete Fairey Swordfish biplane torpedo bombers from the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious to attack the Italian battle fleet at anchor in the harbour of Taranto.

From the introduction: welcome to the fourth and final Airframe Extra title of 2015. In a year full of anniversaries of major conflicts we turn our attention to one specific action, the attack on the Regia Marina at Taranto by the Fleet Air Arm

in November 1940. Whatever the historical debate over its long term effectiveness there is no doubt that this action, together with the controversial sinking of the French fleet at Oran ensured that Britain maintained an edge over the Axis in the Mediterranean as war progressed.

As with our previous titles in this series our aim is to provide some inspiration when you approach modelling a particular conflict or event. Whether your interest lies in the Fleet Air Arm, Regia Aeronautica, the Mediterranean air conflict in general or all three, our team of contributors in the shape of Libor Jekl and Steve Evans have stepped up to the plate yet again to deliver some stunning model builds of aircraft that were involved in The Battle Of Taranto. Coupled with Richard Caruana's wonderful profiles of the protagonists and we are confident that you will be motivated to discard your fear of rigging biplanes and start tackling that Swordfish or CANT flying boat kit that you thought you could never complete.

It must have taken a very exceptional person to guide an ageing biplane into a low level attack position at night over water with hot tracer zipping past one's wings. Jerry Boucher's front cover has
captured this exceptionally well. You might want to reflect on this as you start committing glue and paint to plastic. Many thanks again to all of you who have reached into your pockets to buy this series, and all of our other books in this, our fifth year of trading. As we are approaching the festive season I and the team wish you all a very peaceful Christmas filled with plenty of modelling time.

Please note, there is a price printed on the front cover, and a small price sticker on the rear side.