Battle for St-Lo, by Peter Yates

Battle for St-Lo, by Peter Yates

Published by Sutton in their 'Battle Zone Normandy series' in 2004, 192 pages. Hardback (N8164)

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From the rear side cover: The name of St-Lo has a powerful resonance for American Normandy veterans. Both the German defenders and the Allies were well aware that the town was the strategic key to western Normandy. Major General Leonard T. Gerow, commander of US V Corps which landed at Omaha on 6 June, was ordered to capture the town by D plus 9 (15 June). The scene was set for a trial of strength between the opposing sides that would have a profound effect on the Battle of Normandy.

Several elite German divisions were ordered to the St-Lo sector to counter the American threat. By concentrating their defences twenty kilometres inland, these German forces halted the US advance before St­ Lo, despite costly American attacks in the difficult bocage countryside. When the town fell on 18 July, the decimated American attackers finally took possession of a cratered landscape in which hardly a building remained standing. Albeit more than a month later than planned, St-Los occupation opened the way for the Allied victory in Normandy.

The book includes archive and colour photographs, full colour maps and easy to follow battlefield tours.