Bagnall Locomotives in New Zealand, by Sean Millar

Bagnall Locomotives in New Zealand, by Sean Millar

Bagnall Locomotives in New Zealand, by Sean Millar

Published by the author, 66 pages. Large A4 size booklet (N6456)

From the introduction: When I first started contemplating writing a single­ builder New Zealand locomotive history, the English manufacturer W G Bagnall Ltd was at the top of my list. The number of locomotives the company had built for New Zealand was large enough, but not too large. There was an interesting variety - both steam and diesel, and New Zealand Railways (NZR) and private­ owner. Also, I've always been particularly taken by the look of the company's variant of NZR's TR class.

The first edition of this book appeared in 2002 and sold successfully. The style of binding used was neither attractive nor cheap. Therefore, when the time came to reprint, the book was redesigned for more economical and attractive binding. Incorporating these and other improvements, the second edition, re-named Staffordshire Kiwis, appeared in 2007. Over the following nine years, many previously unpublished images came to hand and printing technology improved, permitting greater use of colour. The time had therefore arrived to produce a fully-updated and much-improved third edition - I hope readers enjoy it.

NZR classifications & TMS numbers: The rendering of NZR locomotive classifications is a complex subject, which there isn't sufficient space to cover here in detail. For the purposes of this book, the second and third letters of the DSA and TR classifications are always rendered in small capitals - this format having the longest history in print of any of the alternatives. While the all-capitals format is technically more correct for the post-1979 Traffic Monitoring System (TMS) era, standardising on small capitals reduces the potential for confusion, particularly as NZR's Bagnall diesels were most active in the pre-TMS era. TMS numbering is used where appropriate, with full pre-TMS/post-TMS running number conversions being provided in the tables on pages 22 (DsA class) and 42 (TR class)
. Sections include:

The Steam Locomotives
NZR's DSA Class
Colour Section
NZR's TR Class
The Industrial Diesels

The condition of the booklet is generally good. The cover has one or two very minor scuffs and creases, but the staple spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.

Condition New