At the Sign of the Bulls Head, by Janet Spavold

At the Sign of the Bulls Head, by Janet Spavold

At the Sign of the Bulls Head - A History of Hartshorne and its enclosure, edited by Janet Spavold

Published by the South Derbyshire Local History research Group in 1984, 171 pages. A4 size spiral bound softback. (S8140WSOU3)

Hartshorne is a small village in the extreme south of Derbyshire, a few miles north of Swadlincote, and this book provides a fascinating history of the village around the time of enclosures, when common land across the countryside was seized by unscrupulous landowners and 'enclosed', preventing its continued use by commoners (who had benefited from the land for generations and centuries). Chapters include:

  • The early history of Hartshorne
  • Hartshorne in the Seventeenth century
  • Hartshorne Charities
  • Hartshorne in the Eighteenth Century
  • Population in Hartshorne in the Eighteenth Century
  • The Enclosure movement
  • Planning the enclosures
  • The Enclosure award
  • The Glebe lands
  • John Taylor - a major beneficiary
  • Other enclosure holdings 
  • Post enclosure industry
  • Post enclosure farming
  • The building of Hartshorne
  • The social sonsequences of enclosure

The book includes several maps, diagrams and illustrations

Condition of the book is generally ok. The cover has some minor scuffs and blemishes, and some light nibbling and creasing along the edges and corners, but the spiral binding is intact, and all pages are intact and tightly bound. There is some yellowing and foxing to the outside page leaves, and to the extreme edges of some inside pages.

Condition New