Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars, by Kevin F. Kiley

Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars, by Kevin F. Kiley
Subtitled 'Artillery in Siege, Fortress and Navy 1792-1815'

Published by Frontline in 2015, 328 pages. Hardback with Dust Jacket (N7799)

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From the inside front fly leaf: Napoleon was an artilleryman before he was an emperor. He understood the power and effectiveness of cannon and their ability to pulverise defences, reduce fortresses and destroy attacks. In return, the guns won Napoleon battles.

This impressive study chronicles the story of the guns and men during the twenty-three years of almost continuous warfare from 1792-1815: from the battlefields of continental Europe to the almost primitive terrain of North America and of the seas, lakes and rivers that connected them.

Detailed technical information is accompanied by vivid descriptions which allow the reader to imagine what it must have been liked to manoeuvre and man the guns in a variety of situations - whether on the march or on the battlefield. Based on years of research into regulations of the period, eyewitness accounts of artillerymen and material culled from official reports, the scope and depth of material will satisfy the serious researcher, while the lively narrative will appeal to the general reader.