Around Verwood, by Jo Draper and Penny Copland Griffiths

Around Verwood, by Jo Draper and Penny Copland Griffiths
Around Verwood, by Jo Draper and Penny Copland Griffiths

Published by Tempus in 2003, 128 pages. Paperback (N5411)

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This book is a fascinating pictorial history of Verwood, which lies on the Dorset/Hampshire border near to the very edge of the New Forest, and it is packed full with lots of wonderful black and white photographs showing the people, buildings and streets of the area in decades gone by.

From the rear side cover: This book contains more than 200 photographs of Verwood and the other parishes which adjoin the heath lands in the north-eastern corner of Dorset. They show the area developing from a few scattered cob cottages into the town of Verwood and the villages of today. In the past, the area was very poor, and had unusual local industries like pottery and besom broom-making which are well illustrated here, along with hurdle-making and farming. Most of the photographs have never been published before, and they range from nostalgic pictures of now destroyed cottages, farms and heath land to the railway stations which only closed in 1964.

Alderholt, Cripplestyle, Crendell, Horton, Holt, Three Legged Cross and Wimborne St Giles are all included because they share parts of the heathland with Verwood. The people, their houses and work, are fully explored, along with the distinctive landscape. The book gives a wonderful picture of life in Verwood over the last hundred years.

Penny Copland Griffiths has been researching the Verwood area and its potteries for twenty-five years, and has recently written Dorset Pottery. Jo Draper has published several books on the county, including Dorset: the Complete Guide and (with John Fowles) Thomas Hardy's England.

The book will delight anyone who has lived or grown up in Verwood, as well as people with a more general interest in the history of this part of Dorset and beyond in decades gone by....
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