Around Stanley, by Jack Hair and Alan Harrison

Around Stanley, by Jack Hair and Alan Harrison
Published by The History Press in 2002, 128 pages. Paperback (N7886)

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From the rear side cover: For over 150 years Stanley owed its existence to an ever increasing demand for quality coking coal of which the area had an abundance. This collection of over 200 photographs and postcards shows the development of the area around the pit heads and the changes that have occurred since the end of its dependence on the coal mining industry.

The region covered by the book is predominantly that which was the former Urban District of Stanley and its nearby villages before the amalgamation of Stanley with Consett and Lanchester creating the authority of Derwentside.

The book has been compiled from the authors' private collections with the assistance of many local people and institutions. Some of the photographs show an age long gone while others are from a period still remembered by many. The history of this area would not be complete without coverage of the disaster at the West Stanley (Burns) Colliery when 168 men and boys lost their lives. Other images show people at work and play, illustrating the social structure that built up around this mining community set amidst beautiful countryside.

The book will delight anyone who has lived or grown up in Stanley, as well as people with a more general interest in the social history of this part of County Durham and beyond....