Around Rothwell, by Simon Bulmer and Albert Brown

Around Rothwell, by Simon Bulmer and Albert Brown
Around Rothwell, by Simon Bulmer and Albert Brown

Published by Tempus in 2003, 128 pages. Paperback (N6474)

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From the rear side cover: Through an excellent collection of old photographs of the West Yorkshire town of Rothwell and the surrounding area we are given the opportunity to discover the heritage of this area. The pictures come from a variety of sources, including local organizations, public archives and the personal collections of local people. The alterations that Rothwell has undergone become apparent on this journey through time. One of the biggest changes is in industry. For many years this was a coal mining area, Rose Pit, Beeston Pit and Fanny Pit will no doubt remain in the memories of some, however, any physical evidence of their existence is long gone. Smaller industries have also disappeared, such as rope and twine making, and milling;

Local people are pictured at work and leisure. A wheelwright turned caravan builder is remembered, as is the match works which suffered several fires during its existence. Celebrations involving the whole community such as Jubilees and Coronations are recalled, when shops and businesses would be decorated to mark the occasion. Buildings and streets have altered, in some cases out of all recognition and in others hardly at all. Commercial Street is remembered at a time when The Empire Picture House was providing entertainment for local people, and when washing machines retailed at three shillings (an extra sixpence and it would be delivered to your doorl) Transport in the area has drastically changed, the horse-drawn carriage that would convey well-to-do families has disappeared from the streets, as have the charabancs and trams.

Through this fine selection of pictures Simon Bulmer and Albert Brown bring Rothwell's past back to life in a volume that will provoke nostalgic memories in the older residents of the area and will provide a guide to their heritage for the younger generation.
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