Arnhem Bridge - Target Mike One, by David Truesdale, Martijn Cornelissen and Bob Gerritsen

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Arnhem Bridge - Target Mike One, by David Truesdale, Martijn Cornelissen and Bob Gerritsen

Subtitled 'An Illustrated History of the 1st Airlanding Light Regiment RA 1942-1945, North Africa Italy Arnhem Norway'

Book published by Sigmond in 2015, 234 pages. Hardback with Dust Jacket - c.21.5cm by 28cm (N5741OS)

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From the rear side cover: This book is a detailed account of one of the strongest units of the British Airborne Forces in the Second World War both in terms of manpower and firepower...

It can trace its roots back to February 1941 when a small unit was formed which was known as 458 Independent Light Battery Royal Artillery, It was equipped with small relatively lightweight 3.7 inch Pack Howitzers. which me British Army had used to assist policing the Empire in such mountainous regions as the North West Frontier in India. This unit was intended to provide close support in amphibious operations probably sup­porting the commandos. However, in December 1941 orders were received that it was being expanded and transferred to the 1st Airborne Division and would be known as the 1st Airlanding Light Regiment Royal Artillery. So these newly created airborne gunners got used to flying in Horsa gliders and operaring the 75mm Pack Howitzer. The Horsa could carry a jeep and a 75mm Howitzer so it was an ideal combination.

Consisting of three batteries each of two troops, the unit was intended to go into action with twenty-four guns, the major support arm to the lightly armed infantry. Action they certainly saw over the coming years - North Africa, Italy and its finest hour when it was called on like no other unit for support - Operation Market Garden at Amhem in September 1944. If the Gunners were awarded battle honours they would undoubtedly get one for Arnhem when they never failed to take post when receiving a fire mission...

The book is illustrated throughout with black and white photographs, and includes a large three panel fold out photographic map on the inside rear cover.

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