Army Wheels in Detail - US Army 5-Ton Truck M939 Series, by Petr Brojo and Jan Mostek

Army Wheels in Detail - US Army 5-Ton Truck M939 Series, by Petr Brojo and Jan Mostek
Army Wheels in Detail - US Army 5-Ton Truck M939 Series, by Petr Brojo and Jan Mostek

Booklet published by Capricorn in 1998, 36 pages. Square(ish) booklet - c.22cm by 24cm (N6088PE)

All text in English and Czech

The book is packed full with drawings, schematics, and colour and black and white photographs of US Army M939 series trucks, and all explanatory captions are in both English and Czech text

From the introduction: Although several prototypes of 6x6 5-ton trucks were tested by the U.S Army before the Second World War, they never went into series production and the first 6x6 5-ton trucks appeared in Army service in the beginning of [the] 50s. New M54 Series Cargo trucks were placed into the Army fleet along with M41 Series trucks. M54 Series differed from the M41 using dual rear wheels and higher mounted cargo body without wheel wells. It suited Army needs better and caused [the] early demise of M41.

At the end of 70's years U.S Army owned 35000 5-ton 6x6 trucks and more than one half of them were at least 10 years old. Replacement for these old M-Series, officially known as PIP, or Product Improvement Package, carried designation XM939. Two vehicles built according PIP specification, cargo and semitrailer tractor, were built by AM General and after extensive testing series production of the new M939 Series 5-ton vehicles started. Visual changes of this new vehicle were obvious especially in the area of the engine hood and the grill. The new hood formed new integrated unit with the front part of front mudguards and was hinged to tilt forward for easier access to the engine components. The engine taken over the M800 Series was fitted with connectors enabling to connect new engine diagnostic equipment (STEIICE, or Simplified Test Equipment, Internal Combustion Engine). Old two-men cab was replaced with a new three-man one. The vehicle could be fitted with hydraulically powered winch instead of mechanically driven winch on the older M-Series vehicles. The new truck was also fitted with new full air breaks instead of the air over hydraulic system used on the older 5-tonners.

The 5-ton limit rating of M939 Series trucks does not mean that these vehicles could carry payload up to 5 ton only. It only means that the 5 ton is the maximum the vehicle frame and axles can withstand under the worst cross-country conditions. On the road these trucks can safely carry payload up to two times heavier. M939 Series vehicles are available in several models which differ not only in body type but also in wheelbase. Standard wheelbase is 179 in (4547 mm), short wheelbase is 167 in (4242 mm) and long wheelbase is 215 in (5461 mm).

Condition of the booklet is generally excellent. The covers are clean and bright, the staple spine is intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.
Condition New